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Why Opt For Wicker Basket?


You may have seen them around, and you may consider them old, rustic, and very familiar, even if you never had a chance of using it. Yes, we are talking about the beautiful wicker basket.

Wicker baskets have, without a doubt, a rich and long history. They remind us of rattan products and other accessories because of certain similarities. Wicker furniture has been used since ancient Egypt and has become incredibly trendy during the Victorian era. At that time, these baskets could be seen all around North America and Europe.

In the case of wicker furniture, the reason behind the rise up in their popularity was that people believed these baskets were more sanitary than upholstered furniture. Wicker containers seem to be more practical. People still appreciate them because of how purposeful they are since they are astonishingly lightweight and sturdy. Moreover, another motive to vote for them is that they are affordable. Even if they get broken, you can replace them, and the cost will be minimal.

The term “wicker” refers to the technique used for making products rather than the materials involved in the procedure. These baskets are durable enough to carry heavy items. You can use them to store things, carry things, and even for decoration purposes.

Here you will learn about fancy wicker basket and why they are better than any other types of baskets.

Polypropylene Vs. Natural Wicker – Which is Best for You?

Wicker baskets are woven with a natural material, and is harvested away directly from the industrial area. While polypropylene is a thermoplastic, meaning a type of plastic that makes cleaning these baskets a lot easier. They are ideal for use in supermarkets, restaurants, and other places that deal with food.

Polypropylene baskets have a wire structure, helping the basket to retain its shape once it is woven into a design, even returning to its actual structure. Because of its plastic composition, you can easily wash it for sanitary reasons.

How to Clean Wicker Basket

Though wicker containers are not easy to clean, you can still clean them with proper care. Dusting or removing dirt or spills with a damp cloth will do just fine. You can also use a vacuum cleaner, but use the soft, long-bristle brush for dusting so that you can clean the holes or crevices of the basket.

Once you are done with the vacuuming, you can make it glow by using a small basket of sudsy water with mild detergent, with a sponge, and remove the remaining dirt from the crevices. Afterward, dry it with a soft towel to avoid scratching. Leave the basket for a day so that it its completely dry. Apart from this cleaning method, they are incredibly useful, plus they are environmentally friendly, unlike polypropylene baskets.

Ultimately, the decision is yours to purchase them. In general, wickers are ideal for warm weather because of their material, which is naturally available rather than humanmade ones. These baskets can be used for a variety of reasons and have an extraordinary charming look. They are available in all sizes and shapes. Whereas, polypropylene baskets don’t have a unique structure as the wicker ones and their usage is not versatile like the wicker ones.

Benefits of Using Pretty Wicker Basket

Wicker picnic basket

Wicker Basket – Easier to Handle

The wicker basket makes things easier for you. You can put in all of your muddles in the basket to clean up the area. Your house looks pretty neat when guests suddenly come during your cleaning mission. You can even place your books and blankets in these large baskets.

Carry a Multitude of Items for Your Safety

You and your guests can get hurt when there is a mess of objects lying on the ground. To avoid any unwanted incidents, you can set aside your entire mess in these gorgeous wicker baskets. It will work as a security guard for you and your guest. It will also give your home a neat and clean look.

Adaptable for Any Place in Your Home

One of the best advantages of these baskets is their ability to help you manage different home chores. These baskets can carry your towels, garments, toys, cushions, blankets, and everything in your home, you name it. This means you can put anything in these baskets.   You can use them for anything, from your laundry room and kitchen to your bedroom and garden. Aside from this, you can even store your art and craftwork in these baskets to keep them away from dust.

Storing Toys Wicker Basket

Because of their appealing structure, children will also like to use these containers to fill them up with their toys. Young children can hide their massive toys in them too, which of course, helps them to tidy up fast. With the assistance of these baskets, your little ones can easily clean up their whole room after playing and put the basket aside, which looks like a decorative item in their room.

Helps with Laundry

wicker laundry basket

House-makers vote for these baskets because of their laundry usage. Using them for laundry tasks is a good plan because these baskets allow air to flow through them. Wicker baskets are popular among women because of their casual use too, and at the same time, they are elegant and stylish. Other types of the basket, such as rattan baskets are becoming rare. They bring down the market because they are plastic baskets. However, wickers baskets are still taking part in the race.

Gives a Pleasant Look to Your Home

You needn’t use these baskets for only storing your items while cleaning. You can add wicker baskets to your chamber and drying room. You can buy a small one to decorate your home.

Helps in Transportation

These good-looking baskets are helpful for indoor and outdoor functions. You can easily transport anything from any place because of its light weight. It’s a reliable method for supplying things. Aside from this, these baskets are straightforward and easy to handle and take care of.

Does Not Cost You Too Much

They are incredibly helpful yet affordable for everyone. Maybe this is the reason people prefer them to other types of baskets. The cost of this type of basket is not that much, whether you buy a large or small size or shape. They are also easily available in the market at many outlets.

Used As Storage Containers

This is why wicker baskets remain astonishingly practical and fashionable throughout the year. You can use them as storage containers for fruits, vegetables, herbs, and all the things in your kitchen and pantry. They are great because they let in air that keeps the content fresh in the basket.

Helps in Plantation

You can also use wicker containers as a perfect planter. In fact, they are more practical as pot carriers since water and soil would seep through them. Some wicker containers are designed for this purpose, but you can also use other types of baskets for plantation purposes.

Gives a Hand in Outdoor work – Wicker Shopping Basket and Wicker Shopping Baskets

You can also make them your wicker picnic basket. This makes it easy for you to take food items for a picnic, or you can put children’s playthings in them for a picnic. You can also make them your wicker shopping baskets too. Whenever you go shopping with a long list of things to purchase, take it with you. You can keep the things in it safe without having to carry too many plastic bags.

Eases the Way You Organize Things

You can organize your hallways, mudrooms, and dressing rooms with the help of a wicker basket. Put your gloves, scarves, belts, watches, and other things in the basket instead of throwing it into a drawer. You can also keep one on your dressing tables to put all of your items in, to organize your skin care products properly.

As you learned, wicker baskets are surprisingly helpful for managing your daily chores. The best thing is that it gives you two advantages at a time. First, you can use them for any purpose. Secondly, you can place them anywhere in your home, and they will add to the beauty of your home, no matter what items are present in it.

So, if you are thinking of purchasing one, then here’ a quick pro tip for you; consider what you will use the basket for so that you can pick the right size and shape.